Ever since there has been a professional game, baseball fans have enjoyed debating comparisons of one player to another – both contemporaries and players across various eras in the sport’s history.  The Baseball Same Game adds to those debates.  

However, rather than focus on the traditional “Who’s better?” arguments (such as “Mantle or Mays?” or “Ruth or Aaron?”) The Baseball Same Game takes on the particular cases of “Which players were the same?” 

Unique baseball metrics - apart from those common and conventional baseball statistics that one would typically see on the back of a player’s bubble gum card - are used to analyze career performance.  And, The Baseball Same Game gives consideration to relativity when comparing statistics of baseball players from different eras in the game.  

Which baseball all-time greats were the same in terms of their relative performance?  Who are the recently retired players that match-up to the stars of baseball’s past?  What players not in the Baseball Hall of Fame measure up to those already in the Hall?  The Baseball Same Game provides these answers and more.

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